Koriand'r[2] (born November 11, 1991),[3] anglicized as "Kory Anders" and also known as Starfire,[1] is an alien princess from the planet Tamaran with powers of energy absorption and projection. She was sent on Earth on an important mission to secure Rachel Roth/The Raven but, due to a momentary loss of memory, she ends up making friends with the girl and, even after recovering from her amnesia, became a charter member of Dick Grayson's team.


Early lifeEdit

Koriand'r was born November 11, 1991[3] on the planet Tamaran.[2] When, according to an ancient prophecy of their people, the time was coming for the return of the powerful inter-dimensional demon Trigon, who would have engulfed in darkness the whole Universe including her home planet; she was given the codename "Starfire" and sent to Earth on a mission to secure Trigon's only doorway to our dimension: his half-human daughter Rachel Roth/The Raven.[1][2]

On EarthEdit

After arriving on Earth, she anglicized her name and started to use the identity of "Kory Anders", purported to be a California native.[3] In late 2016 she visited Saint Paul's Convent, hoping to find Rachel, but could not.[4] She also started a series of updates regarding her ongoing investigation on Rachel Roth, the latter of which was recorded on November 6, 2017.

A year later, Kory started to operate in Vienna, Austria, at the service of Konstantin Kovar, a shady man and crime lord who pubblically operated as the owner of a nightclub called Das Schäman while running a huge human traffic. Kory pretended to be close with him in order to find the whereabouts of Rachel nad, with his assistance, she could afford to own the entire top floor at the Hotel Das Alpen. During this time she committed many ruthless acts, often torturing men to get information out of them.


Kory wakes up in a car

Kory wakes up in Austria with no recollection of who she is.

One day her her double game was apparently unmasked by Kovar's men and was pursued by them leading to a fatal car accident in the aftermath of wich, Kory woke up as the only survivor on board of the car but with no memory of who she was. After being randomly pursued by armed men, she luckily escaped to a service station, where she went through her belongings and found an ID and a card for Hotel Das Alpen. Returning to the hotel, Kory was greeted by an employee named Lena, who Kory ultimately asked for coffee before retiring to her room. While there, she found a tied up man, who she forced to reveal the name of their employer, Konstantin Kovar. Kory headed for the Das Schäman, where she wandered behind the scenes to meet with him. He angrily questioned her on her betrayal, but she admitted to not remembering anything; he professed his love to her, to which she coldly admitted never feeling the same way. Kovar pulled out his gun and shot at Kory, but before the bullet could hit her, she involuntarily blasted fire from her hands, charring the three men in the room, before reclaiming the photograph of Rachel.[3]

Meeting Rachel, Dick and GarEdit

Kory eventually found herself back in the USA, at the Roth residence in Traverse City, Michigan. She found some photos, before being interrupted by police officers. She pretended to from the FBI, but ultimately beat them up, escaping with a single photo. Kory found Rachel in Coolville, Ohio, burning Nuclear Dad and saving the girl. They left in Kory's car, where she explained to Rachel that she couldn't remember anything, but was hoping that Rachel may have been the key, to no avail. However, she gave Rachel the photo nonetheless. They stopped at a diner, where Kory dealt with an unruly patron, before heading to Saint Paul's Convent in Covington. The head nun met them at the door, recognizing both of the girls. She welcomed them in, explaining that Kory had been there the previous year, while Rachel had been there as a baby with her mother. While Rachel checked out her old room, Kory asked about some keys she'd found, to which the nun mentioned a roller rink nearby. Rachel and Kory headed there and Kory found yet another key, figuring it to be for a storage facility in the area. The two women were intercepted by Dick Grayson, who Kory recognized as being the one having been mentioned by Rachel. They headed back to the convent, and while Dick and Rachel had a talk, Kory stole Dick's car, heading to the storage facility. She found her old research and tapes, as well as otherworldly writing, which she could surprisingly understand. She was soon joined by Dick, but they were interrupted by an earthquake, which they found to come from the convent nearby. They noticed smoke billowing, as well as an unkindness of ravens fly overhead.[4]

The two of them headed back to the orphanage, where they found half of it having been blown up, along with the head nun injured. She explained that Rachel had escaped, despite them trying their best to keep her safe. They instead headed to the Covington Police Department, where Dick showed his badge and a photo of Rachel. The attending officer told him of a man having come in describing a girl of her description, giving Dick the man's name and address. Dick and Kory headed there, but when he refused to talk to another cop, Dick entered the man's home and beat him up, before Kory noticed the man's young son, pulling Dick off his father. The man gave Kory the only possible location of Rachel he could think of, the Caulder house on Danny Street. The two headed there, running into three of its occupants. They eventually found Rachel, Dick calming her down from a demonic rage. Shortly following, the group left, joined by Gar Logan.[5]

Forming an allianceEdit

Trading Dick's Porsche in for a minivan, they made their way to Do-Si-Do Motel, where they hoped to lay low. Deciding they needed to know how to work best with each other, they found a warehouse and demonstrated their abilities to one another. However, Dick refused to actually show them anything. That night, Kory and Dick admired as Gar and Rachel bonded. Kory went across the road to the liquor store, grabbing a bottle of tequila and going to Dick's room. Determined to get him to open up, Kory came on to Dick and the two had sex. However, he remained guarded despite this. Returning to her room, Kory was ambushed by "Nuclear Biff" and "Nuclear Sis", knocking them downstairs and taking the fight outside. Eventually pooling all of their resources together, they overpowered the Nuclear family and tied them up. Kory wished to kill them, but Dick told her not to. After Dick left to go find their boss, Dr. Adamson, Kory returned to the room to find the family's heads blown off.[6]

Kory received a call from Dick, having taken Dr. Adamson. He had Kory and company meet him at a safe house, where they met Jason Todd. After Dick left, Kory looked after an unconscious Adamson. She woke him up, attempting to get him to speak, but he refused to speak to anyone but Rachel.[7] After Adamson told Rachel about her birth mother being alive and held in an asylum, Rachel left to find her alongside Gar causing Dick and Kory to follow them. After reaching the asylum, they were captured and Kory was tortured until her solar-based powers are completely depleted so the doctors bounded her to a table and tried to vivisectionate her; however she was soon rescued by Dick, Rachel and Gar, then as the group escaped alongside Rachel's mother, Kory blew up the asylum.[8]

Retrieving her memoriesEdit

Upon having her amnesia healed by Rachel she remembers her mission statement was to kill Rachel Roth: the "Raven".[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Tamaranean Physiology: Kory's alien physiology constantly absorbs ultraviolet radiation and converts it to energy. This process grants her various superhuman abilities:
    • Superhuman strength: Kory possesses a extraordinary superhuman strength, which allows her to effortlessly overpower combatants and send flying several feet through the air with mere strikes. She seemingly gets increasingly stronger when powered by solar energy. Her strength also allowed her to match the improved abilities of the Nuclear Family, defeating the Nuclear siblings.[3]
    • Superhuman durability: Kory's body is highly resistant to physical harm and can withstand inhumanly high levels of punishment, such as intense heat or blunt force trauma. She also resisted the blows of the superhumanly strong Nuclear Siblings.[3]
    • Accelerated healing factor: When being experimented on, the doctors found that Kory regenerated remarkably fast. They set out to test how great her regenerative powers were by cutting of a finger to see whether it would regenerate, however they were stopped. As to whether she can regenerate limbs is yet to be seen.
    • Solar energy absorption: Kory’s cells absorb solar radiation, and in turn, provides her cells with energy they can harness to fuel her staggering power. Her cells can also store solar radiation under roofed structures or even at night (although is weaker), but can be depleted and does require exposure to solar radiation to recharge.[8]
      • Solar energy projection:
        Kory shoots fire from her hands

        Kory emits a fiery bursts of solar energy from her hands.

        Kory possesses the ability to channel solar power into concentrated fiery bursts of intensified heat and volatile power from her hands. These bursts can melt and destroy the dense materials and incinerate beings into ash. She is able to emit energy so hot that it can turn three men in a room into ash. When using this ability, her entire body and even her hair radiates with orange solar energy while her eyes radiate an intense glow bright green.[3]


  • Expert Hand-to-hand combat/Martial arts: Kory is well versed in martial arts/hand-to-hand combat while being amnesiac. She was able to take down armed police officers with relative ease and took down the Nuclear Siblings even though they got the jump on her.[3]
  • Multilingual: Kory is capable of fluently speaking English, German and Russian,[3] in addition to her native Tamaranese.[2]


  • Tamaranean suit: Kory wears a special tactical-protective suit of Tamaranean origins made in an unknown black material with some stealth capabilities.[2]


  • Tamaranean ship: Koriand'r came to Earth with a massive Tamaranean ship equiped with a clocking device and a supercomputer completed with texts regarding Trigon's prophecy.[2]



Season 1Edit


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Season 1Edit


  • She has a tanning bed in her storage unit.[4]
  • Kory has an Uber account.[8]
  • Kory likes the band "AC/DC".[1]


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