Dick Grayson is a detective for the Detroit Police Department and a former trapeze artist as part of The Flying Graysons. He is secretly the vigilante Robin and the former partner of Bruce Wayne/Batman.


Dick was born to John and Mary Grayson. When he was old enough, he began performing in the circus with them, as part of the trapeze act The Flying Graysons. However, one day, a rope snapped, causing Dick's parents to fall to their death. Shortly after his parents' death, Dick was informed that Bruce Wayne has offered to take Dick in as his adopted parent, while Dick was also informed that his parents' death might not have been an accident. Soon after, Dick arrived at his new home at Wayne Manor, and after looking around his new room and closet, Dick decided to run away and proceeded to jump out his bedroom window and flip down from the tree, leaving, while Bruce watched from inside the manor. Dick's attempt to run away was foiled, and he decided to give this new life a second chance. After looking around at the cars in the manor's garage, Dick decided to go for a joyride in Bruce's Porsche, which led to a chase between Dick and two Gotham Police cars. Dick was eventually caught and warned that if it weren't for Bruce's influence, Dick could've been in jail. Dick returned to the manor, and after seemingly about to try and run away again, Dick read a letter for him from Bruce, offering to help him deal with his grief.[1] After this, Dick was trained to be Bruce's sidekick and eventually became Robin. During his career as Robin, he met other vigilantes in Gotham City, Hawk, and Dove, and while Bruce told Dick to stay away from the two, he still decided to help them in fighting crime. It is also implied that he had a relationship with Dawn that didn't end well.[2] During this time, Dick grew to idolize Batman, even thinking of him as a hero. However, after some years, he eventually grew disdainful of him, believing him to be too violent, and choosing to leave him for Detroit, becoming a detective for the Detroit Police Department.[3]

A month after moving to Detroit, Dick began snooping out Tyler Hackett, who had child abuse charges against him dropped. He was introduced to his partner, Detective Amy Rohrbach, initially acting fairly cold towards her. That night, he put on the Robin suit, interrupting a drug deal between Hackett and a dealer, beating them all up, most particularly Hackett himself. He returned home, cleaning his suit and getting ready for work. Arriving at work, he discovered that the police were already aware of Robin's activity the previous night. Later that day, he checked if Detective Rohrbach had any updates, though she was merely surprised he was talking to her. Their conversation was interrupted when Dick was called to deal with a wayward youth, Rachel Roth, who was able to identify Dick as "the boy from the circus". When she asked for help, he simply told her he couldn't, also reminding her she'd still get charged for damaging a police car. Rachel finally admitted that her mother had been murdered, piquing Dick's interest and morally forcing him to help her out. He went outside to process his thoughts, running into Amy, who asked all about his previous partner and Dick's motives for moving to the city. Receiving a call from Traverse City PD, confirming Rachel's mother's death, he went back into her interrogation room, but she was gone. He rushed outside to find her unconscious in the back of a police car. He frantically followed in his own car, finding the building in which she was being held. Eventually finding the room, the door slammed shut. When he finally got it open, Dick found Rachel's captor on the ground, surrounded in blood. Finally taking it seriously, Dick decided to help Rachel out, promising to take her somewhere safe.[3]

After briefly stopping for some coffee near Middleburg Heights, Ohio, Rachel and Dick had a conversation regarding what had happened, but Rachel had no idea how she'd killed the man. Sensing Rachel's distress consoled Raven. They drove until nightfall, stopping for the night at Interstate 80 Motel. Dick headed out for some pizza, returning home to find Rachel in shock, consoling her. The following day they headed to Dawn Granger and Hank Hall's place in Washington, D.C., where Dick explained the situation to Dawn. They were interrupted by Hank, who was angry to see Dick. That night, Dick talked with Rachel, who questioned him as to why he'd hurt Dawn, as she could empathetically sense it, but Dick refused to answer properly. He then called Alfred Pennyworth, hoping to get some money transferred in order to pay Dawn and Hank to look after Rachel. The following morning, he went to the federal reserve to pick it up. When Dawn and Rachel arrived back from a day out, Dick talked to Dawn about the idea, but she didn't like it. Hank suddenly arrived home and saw Dawn holding Dick's arm, causing the two men to get into a physical altercation, only to be stopped by a sonic scream from Rachel. Dick and Rachel talked again that night, Rachel urging him to help Dawn out on her vigilante excursion that night. Dick eventually came round, saving Hawk and Dove from a large group of armed thugs. They headed back to the apartment, finding Rachel on the rooftop. Dick attempted to explain himself, but Rachel could sense Dick still lying. They were suddenly interrupted by a family, who proceeded to instigate a fight. This ultimately led to Dick and Dawn flying off the building. While Dick was able to grab onto the ledge, Dawn was unsuccessful, much to the horror of Dick.[2]

Visiting Dawn in hospital, Dick promised Hank to find the people responsible for her injuries. Dick received a call from a police officer, informing him of Rachel's whereabouts, while also informing him of Detective Rohrbach's death. Stopping at a crime scene that Rachel had been at, he gathered evidence and followed a number plate of the car driven by Rachel's savior, Kory Anders. Dick finally caught up with them at Scooters Roller Skating Rink. After Rachel had a demonic freakout, they headed to Saint Paul's Convent, where Rachel chose to stay for some time. While inside, Kory stole Dick's car. He found her in a storage facility, noticing all of her evidence regarding Rachel. They suddenly felt an earthquake, seeing smoke coming from the direction of the convent, as well as seeing copious ravens flying overhead.[1]

The two of them headed back to the orphanage, where they found half of it having been blown up, along with the head nun injured. She explained that Rachel had escaped, despite them trying their best to keep her safe. They instead headed to the Covington Police Department, Dick showing his badge and a photo of Rachel. The attending officer told him of a man has come in describing a girl of her description, giving Dick the man's name and address. Dick and Kory headed there, but when he refused to talk to another cop, Dick entered the man's home and beat him up, before realizing they were being watched by his young son. The man gave Kory the only possible location of Rachel he could think of, the Caulder House on Danny Street. The two headed there, running into three of its occupants. However, Dick heard screaming, running to find Rachel engulfed in darkness. He definitively promised to never leave her again, before they embraced. Shortly following, the group left, along with Gar Logan.[4]



Physical appearanceEdit



  • Peak Physical Conditions: Due to his training with Batman, Dick Grayson's body is at the peak of human condition. He has displayed peak human strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and endurance because of his extensive training. Dick has been shown jumping off of a building and landing onto cars without strain or pain.[3] His condition also allowed him to keep up and even defeat beings with enhanced abilities (such as the Nuclear Family).
  • Master Martial Artist: Dick is an extremely skilled martial artist due to years of crime-fighting with Batman. Dick is able to take down armed groups of thugs by using his combat skills [3] and was also able to hold his own against the enhanced individuals such as Nuclear Mom and Nuclear Dad.
  • Master Stick Fighter: Dick possesses great stick fighting skills and is able to take down armed assailants with just his bo staff.[3]
  • Master Marksman: Dick has impressive marksmanship and has demonstrated this ability with his specialized shuriken.[3]
  • Master Acrobat: Dick was trained as a trapeze artist as a child and has developed many acrobatic skills. He is able to use these skills in combat, allowing him to dodge incoming attacks. He is also able to use his acrobatics to scale buildings and even trees, allowing for quick and easy travel.[3]
  • Skilled Leader: Dick's combat training as a child gave him the skills necessary to lead his new alliance even though two of the members have never participated in the battle.


  • Robin suit: Dick wears a protective suit whenever he's out fighting crime as Robin.[3]
    • Briefcase: Dick possesses a briefcase to carry his suit. It can only be opened by passing a fingerprint and retinal scan.[3]
  • Bo-staff: Dick uses a bo-staff when fighting crime.[3]
  • Shuriken: Dick uses specialized shuriken that are shaped in his Robin symbol. They are capable of penetrating concrete, making them strong weapons. One of them is R shaped and is installed as the symbol on his chest plate.[3]
  • Grappling hook: Dick uses a grappling hook as part of his crime-fighting arsenal. He uses it to separate enemies from their groups and can use it to scale buildings.[3]
  • Smoke bombs: Dick uses smoke bombs when fighting crime, such as when he took down Tyler Hackett and a number of thugs.[3]
  • Birdcomputer: Dick uses a computer outfitted with Wayne Enterprises technology (jokingly nicknamed the "birdcomputer" by Dove) to gather information.[1]



Season 1Edit


  • This version of Dick Grayson is much more lethal in his fighting technique than previous other incarnations.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Dick's costume in this series appears to be inspired by Tim Drake's costume from the comics.
  • Dick's Bo-Staff, as well as his R shuriken, are more associated with the Tim Drake version of the character.
  • This series is not the first time that different characters use the Robin identity at the same time, when Jason Todd made his first appearance in the comics, Dick was still operating as Robin in The New Teen Titans comic series, until a year later when he became Nightwing.
    • The all-ages comic series Tiny Titans, had done something similar by featuring multiple Robins at once in various issues.
    • The Teen Titans GO! TV series had also featured multiple Robins at once in the episode "The Best Robin".


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