Bruce Wayne is a billionaire philanthropist who is also secretly the vigilante Batman. He is the partner of Jason Todd/Robin, and the former partner of Dick Grayson/Robin.


In around 2003, Bruce attended Haly's Circus where he saw The Flying Graysons perform.[1] When their act was sabotaged and the parents were killed, Bruce took in their son Dick Grayson.[2] Dick joined Bruce in his vigilante pursuits as his partner "Robin." Dick, however, began to think that Bruce's methods were out of hand, and he left in 2017 to become a police officer in Detroit.[3]

After Dick left, Bruce quickly took on another boy, Jason Todd, as the second Robin and Dick's successor. After former members of Haly's Circus were being killed, Bruce sent Jason to inform Dick.[4]



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Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the DC comics, Batman is the secret identity of billionaire Bruce Wayne, who took Dick Grayson in as his ward after his parents' death.


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