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"Jason Todd" Discussion

Before he can reunite with The Titans, Dick reluctantly teams with Jason Todd, the new Robin, to catch a serial killer targeting people from Dick’s past.

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Who else hopes we get Damien and terra later in the series

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• 11/11/2018

Robin to nightwing

Looks like we will be getting nightwing sooner than later

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• 11/9/2018

"Together" Discussion

When the Nuclear Family tracks them down, Dick, Kory, Rachel and Gar decide to stop running and work together – and the team that will be known as “The Titans” is formed.

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• 11/4/2018

"Doom Patrol" Discussion

Gar brings Rachel home to his “family” – a group of misfit medical experiments we’ll come to know as The Doom Patrol (including Robotman, Negative Man and Elastigirl).

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• 11/3/2018

White raven

Who else is hoping that they do white raven at the end of the season or next season like they did in the animated series when she defeated Trigon

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• 10/29/2018

"Origins" Discussion

Rachel and Kory travel to the convent where Rachel was raised, while Dick compares his own orphan experience to Rachel’s. Meanwhile, Rachel befriends Gar Logan.

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• 10/28/2018

Don't forget to check out the Titans subreddit!

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• 10/27/2018

Better or worse

Who else agrees the show is getting better like ok they have chosen the wrong actors to play some of the characters but at least they are trying to make up for it I hope next episode raven gets control of her powers

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• 10/21/2018

Rachel's mom

Her name is Melissa Roth.

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• 10/21/2018


Who else is excited to see the final suits for this season ?

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• 10/20/2018

"Hawk and Dove" Discussion

In search of a safe haven for Rachel, Dick arrives on the doorstep of vigilante heroes Hawk and Dove.

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• 10/20/2018

Future titans

Who else is hoping they bring aqualad and Donna I ive later this season or start of season 2

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• 10/19/2018


Anyone know which station will pick this up? I don't see it scheduled yet. My guess is Space since they have Krypton/Arrow/Legends but haven't heard word. Showcase has Supergirl...

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• 10/14/2018

Robin or Nightwing

Who else thinks they should of done nightwing instead of robin or introduce Jason or Tim to take robin for titans and dick takes nightwing?

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• 10/13/2018

Raven powers

Hope they work a bit more on her powers this season

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• 10/12/2018

"Titans" Discussion

In the series premiere, Rachel Roth, a teen haunted by dark visions and powers, falls under the wing of Detective Dick Grayson. We also meet Kory Anders and Beast Boy Gar Logan.

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• 10/12/2018


Is Cyborg going to be on Titans? The trailers move so fast. I love Raven, never too much of her.

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• 10/11/2018

How gruesome is it going to get?

I know I told myself I wouldn't watch Titans but I saw the second trailer and now I kinda want to watch it mostly for the adorable moments between the heroes and the story seems interesting but at the same time a certain amount of gore makes me queasy. So I need to ask, how gruesome is it going to get. Is it Stranger Things level? Criminal Minds level? Or Arrowverse level?

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• 8/31/2018

Titans to premiere October 12th

It's official! Titans will officially premiere on DC Universe on the 12th of October! Following that, it will release episodically every week. If you're lucky enough to attend New York Comic Con, the first episode will premiere there early on October 3rd!
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